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Lullabiome Video (2022)

    As part of my role as Communications and Events Coordinator for the Bacterial Plant Diseases Programme I made this video showcasing a science and art collaboration called Lullabiome.

    Lullabiome is an installation created by multimedia artist Anthony Bennett based on the work of the Disease Suppressive Microbes project at the University of Sheffield. It invites visitors to consider the potential impact of plant diseases and how we might reimagine the future.

    The artwork was first shown at the Great Yorkshire Show in July 2022. I went along to film the installation and interview the contributors. I then edited the footage together into this video. I also wrote an accompanying blog piece which explains the story behind the collaboration and the resulting artwork.

    I found it interesting that by turning the focus away from the show visitors and onto the content creators it uncovered the impact that the project has had on them as individuals. Researcher Jake Nickles said “It prompts us to talk about what we’ve been working on in a way that actually relates to the real world. And it’s really affected how I speak to people”. While the artist Anthony Bennett shared how it had helped him find hope for the future in a dystopian world.

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