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Crafting careers, mastering mindset, co-creating impact

Research-adjacent consultancy, training and facilitation

Research has never been an easy road, but it can be hugely rewarding one. Think of me as the superhero sidekick on your research journey.

I work with individuals and research organisations to help them…

  • Manage career conundrums and develop skills and strengths
  • Build personal and professional resilience
  • Co-create and share your research through events and resources
Activities at a science fair

I’m a research-adjacent consultant, trainer and facilitator. I’m also the host of the Research Adjacent podcast.

I’ve been working in and around research organisations for over 20 years especially in engagement, events, education and communications.

I can help you change the world – even if that just means changing your own little corner of it!

Happy Clients

“Sarah’s meticulous planning and expert delivery ensured that everyone involved got the most out of the day.”

Matt Elliot
Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh

“Sarah was perfect to lead this workshop as she has a PhD so could relate to researchers. This was key to its success.”

Kath Whitehead
Manchester Metropolitan University

“I’ve gained a clearer sense of direction and renewed confidence in navigating my career path intentionally.”

Maria Francisca Cardoso
University of Porto

Research Adjacent is a podcast that shines a light on the research-adjacent people, processes, and skills that go into making research successful. I’m talking about public engagement, knowledge exchange, outreach, project management, policy, research communications, publishing, funding, events, presenting, collaboration, facilitation, and the rest. New episode every other Tuesday.

Recent Projects

I help research-adjacent professionals and researchers do their best work and share it with the world. I specialise in research communication, engagement and professional development. My services include consultancy work, training and facilitation.

Here are my most recent projects. To see more of what I’ve been up to, head over to my Portfolio or connect with me on Twitter or LinkedIn.