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How can I help you?

Think of me as the superhero sidekick on your research journey. I am pretty much the definition of research-adjacent and can turn my hand to all kinds of projects. You can check out my portfolio to see some examples of things I’ve worked on.

In particular, I work with individuals and research organisations to help them…

  • Manage career conundrums and develop skills and strengths
  • Build personal and professional resilience
  • Co-create and share research through events and resources

I offer a range of services including training, facilitation and consultancy work. If you’d like to find out more about working with me please book a time to chat via Calendly, email me or contact me via LinkedIn.

Scroll down to find out more or use these links to jump to what you are interested in.

I am a qualified teacher with years of experience of delivering education and training in all kinds of settings. My sessions are practical and interactive to help participants navigate challenges, develop skills, and make actionable plans. We will work together to create a tailored experience which addresses your specific needs.

Here are examples of the kinds of training I can deliver:

  • Professional and personal resilience
  • Strengths and values-based career development
  • Exploring research-adjacent careers
  • Research communication and public engagement
  • Running better online and in-person events

Training can be delivered at a venue of your choice, online, or a mixture of both (e.g. with in person with online follow up, or a flipped/asynchronous model). I can adapt to suit the time you have available, from a 1 hour seminar to a full day workshop. All sessions are suitable for researchers (including students) and research-adjacent professionals.

“I’ve gained a clearer sense of direction and renewed confidence in navigating my career path intentionally.”

Maria Francisca Cardoso, University of Porto

Are you planning a high-stakes meeting or event, but need a bit of support to make it happen?

I can help you plan and deliver a meeting or event that is engaging and fun, runs like clockwork, AND helps you achieve your aims. I specialise in helping different kinds of people work together for example stakeholder engagement or developing interdisciplinary research teams. Have a look at my portfolio to see some of the things I have previously worked on.

“Sarah’s meticulous planning and expert delivery ensured that everyone involved got the most out of the day.”

Matt Elliot, Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh

A group of people at a workshop


AKA anything else… I am also available for flexible consultancy work. Have a look at my portfolio to see some of the things I have previously worked on.

Whatever stage you are at, I can help you develop and deliver a plan to maximise the impact of your research. This could be anything from sketching out a schools workshop or planning a podcast to developing an institutional engagement strategy. I can also advise on and edit communication and engagement plans for funding applications, and help with finding and collaborating with non-academic partners.

My rates are typically £450-600/day depending on the type of work and contract length


If you are interested in working together you can email me on, message me via LinkedIn or book in a quick Zoom chat.