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Hi, I’m Sarah McLusky

Sarah McLusky

I believe that through research we can make the world a better place. But we can only change the world if the people working in and around research are properly supported to tap into their superpowers, do their best work and build rewarding careers.

Proudly research-adjacent since 1999

I have been ‘research-adjacent’ for over 20 years. I have worked for universities and research projects, science centres and museums, learned societies and education providers. The common thread running throughout my career is making research more accessible and helping other people to do the same. Visit my Portfolio page to check out some of the projects I’ve worked. You can also see my CV on LinkedIn and hear me talk about my career in this podcast.

Although my academic background is in plant pathology/biochemistry, I have worked across a huge range of disciplines including all the sciences and, more recently, arts, humanities, and social sciences. I love learning about new subjects, and meeting new people.

My superpowers

My superpowers are finding better ways of doing things, seeing the big picture, making connections, simplifying concepts, and encouraging others. I am a go-to problem solver and have a gift for making things happen. I take a curious and creative approach to what I do, laid on foundations of social justice and empathy.

I’m originally from Scotland, but I now live in beautiful Whitley Bay in North East England with my partner, daughter, dog and two cats. I am also a yoga teacher, festival go-er, mediocre runner, and sea swimmer.

Interested in working with me? Please get in touch.