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Plant Waste Stakeholder Engagement (2022)

    I was brought in as a freelance event facilitator to provide online and hybrid event support for the project team. The team included biosecurity experts from Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh, Forest Research, Earthcare Technical and Plant Healthy.

    The project team had obtained funding from the Scottish Plant Health Centre to investigate the risks associated with plant waste disposal and peat-free growing media in plant nurseries. The aim of the project was to develop best practice guidance for waste disposal and composting, with recommendations for new policies and regulations. Essential to the research was obtaining contributions, feedback and buy-in from stakeholders including all kinds of professional plant growers. The resulting reports can be found here.

    My role was to support the project team to develop their stakeholder engagement plans, particularly to help them collect feedback from online participants. I helped them structure a series of Zoom stakeholder engagement workshops including Slido polls to gather contributions. I also technically produced the workshops, managing screen sharing, integrating Slido and recording the presentations (with post-production video editing too).

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