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Getting A Research-Adjacent Job (Episode 6)

    Getting a research-adjacent job (Episode 6) | Sarah shares some advice for finding and landing your next (or first) research-adjacent job

    “It’s quite brutal, but it’s also a game. So when you learn how to play the game, actually it becomes a lot easier.”

    Job hunting is part of life for research-adjacent professionals

    This week’s Research Adjacent podcast is a solo episode – just Sarah – with some advice for research-adjacent job seekers. It’s pretty clear that current or aspiring research-adjacent professionals spend a lot of time looking for and applying for jobs. Open-ended contracts are rare and the lack of career structure means that getting a promotion often means getting a new job with a different employer. It’s not right, but sadly it’s all too common.

    Over the years Sarah has sat on dozens of recruitment panels and read hundreds of applications. So while she can’t guarantee you’ll make the shortlist or land that job, she does have some advice to help you improve your chances.

    Learn how to play the game more confidently

    In this episode Sarah covers

    • Where to find research-adjacent jobs
    • How to boost your chances of being shortlisted
    • What to expect in interviews
    • What happens next – how to handle ghosting, feedback, and learning for next time
    • Two top tips for improving your chances of landing any job you want

    If you want more support Sarah is running an online training session specifically focussing on how to get through the shortlisting process. Called ‘Get Shortlisted’, it’s on Monday 27 February 2023, 5-6pm. Find out more and sign up on Eventbrite. Sarah also offers 1-to-1 coaching and mentoring – find out more here.

    Find out more

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    How was it for you…?

    I would genuinely appreciate feedback about the podcast. Suggestions for future guests are always welcome too, please drop me an email.

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