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Boundaries (Episode 14)

    Boundaries (Episode 14) | Sarah is out of the office, and she means it this time!

    A photo of Sarah McLusky on a dark blue background with the words Research Adjacent Episode 14 Boundaries with Sarah McLusky

    “Know that if you are in a difficult workplace culture simply working on your boundaries is a form of quiet activism and taking a stand for yourself and for others.”

    This episode is coming out during the Easter bank holiday week in the UK and Sarah is off work. So this pre-recorded episode of the Research Adjacent podcast is all about boundaries. Host Sarah McLusky explores why it can be so hard for research-adjacent folks to really take time off.

    Boundaries can be challenging in the research-adjacent world

    Academics are notorious for having poor work-life balance. That means that research-adjacent folks can get sucked into an ‘always-on’ workplace culture the encroaches on holidays and leisure time. Sarah considers how to push back against this and start to build healthier boundaries – starting with holiday time.

    I think the key thing when it comes to boundaries is managing expectations. And if you get a reputation for replying to emails at all hours and during holidays then people will expect that.

    Out of office like you mean it

    In this episode Sarah addresses

    • Why setting and holding boundaries can be particularly challenging in the research-adjacent world
    • Setting boundaries and taking leave as a form of quiet activism
    • Managing expectations and managing our own behaviour
    • Why we are all, always, a work in progress

    If you need more support navigating your research-adjacent career, Sarah offers 1-to-1 coaching and mentoring – find out more here.

    Find out more

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