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I think you’re on mute…? How to run better online events (2022)

    Although I had run some online events before, the COVID pandemic was a huge learning curve. But I love learning and I love a challenge so began figuring out how to translate everything I know from running real life events into running online events. From mastering the tech to encouraging engagement, I have now run or helped to run numerous online events – from simple webinars to a fully online multi-day conference complete with posters and networking.

    ‘I think you’re on mute…? How to run better online events’ brings together just about everything I have learned from running online events big and small. It was written after a lengthy brainstorming session with Durham University colleagues and fellow event aficionados Mary Robson and Jane Abel. We hope that it might help you maximise the benefits of virtual engagement, while avoiding some of the pitfalls.

    If you’ve ever wondered about any of the following then this is the guide for you…

    • Would an online or face-to-face event be better?
    • Should I record the event or not?
    • How can I make sure everything runs smoothly?
    • How can I boost attendance and keep people engaged?
    • Accessibility? We’re online – isn’t that enough?

    It’s short but jam-packed with golden nuggets of wisdom. And better still – it’s free!

    Use the links below to download the guide in either pdf or epub format.

    If you find the guide useful I’d love to hear about it. Please drop me a line or find me on social media.

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